Artificial Suns

by N-Police

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    N-POLICE 'Artificial Suns' CD.
    This is the full-length album released on compact disc In 2011. It includes re-recordings of some of our old songs along with an interesting batch of new material: some flat-out hardcore punk and some bearing greater resemblance to Bowie and indie inspirations.

    WORSE OFF 'Whatever' CD.
    Worse Off are a melodic hardcore punk band from Sydney. Members of Worse Off also played in N-Police, Baltic, Arkanoid, Cheapshot, The Optionals, Chinese Burns Unit and Grand Fatal. These 10 angry, alcoholic tracks make up one of the greatest melodic hardcore albums of all time. Originally released 2001.
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Sydney hardcore band N*ntendo Police (now known as N-Police) have returned with a new album after having not really existed for 11 years! The disc is offering ten tracks in total... a few re-worked, re-recorded versions of older songs, and a swag of new material. The tunes are super inspired and super great. The album isn't just hardcore as there is a bunch of interesting, playful shit going on with different styles and ideas being thrown around, heck even the artwork is fantastic. Standout tracks are definitely the title track "Artificial Suns" which is the band at their most straight up punk rock, and the instrumental album closer "Bladerunner" which is the band at their most creative. The lyrics also deserve special mention. I've always thought of vocalist Dave Seet as a genius having read his poetry and other writings released in various zines over the years, and that same genius most definitely applies to N-Police lyrics. His words come across as so effortless, but at the same time are potent as heck, smart and when combined with the rest of the wicked, charged jams on this disc the whole effort paints crazy murals in my mind.


The founding members of N-POLICE (formerly known as N*NTENDO POLICE) Diamond Rex and Shogun have been kicking around the Australian hardcore scene since the mid 1990’s, firstly as members of N-POLICE from 1996-2000 and then in various other bands around the Sydney scene. Artificial Suns is their new release which features some reworked older tracks and some brand new songs.

Due to the vast length of time that the songs have been written over (and more than likely the band’s range of influences – BAD BRAINS, DAVID BOWIE and ‘cock rock’ to name just a few) there is a lot of diversity to be found on the album. Quite often even within the same track the sound swaps back and forth through a couple of different styles, much like a boxer switching between a standard and southpaw stance during a fight. This is evident and really well executed on the track Hell’s Gates which starts off as a demonic MISFITS type arrangement (“Hell’s Gates – can’t wait”) before being completely flipped on it’s head and morphing into a RUSH-style towering anthem, complete with a soaring chorus. Just when you think you’ve got the answers, they change the questions. If the N-POLICE mission with this album was to squeeze as many heavy rock variations as possible into 10 tracks they have achieved their goal and then some.

Jumping between different musical styles is a consistent theme with Artificial Suns but rather than detracting anything in the way of quality the variety actually adds another element to the collection of songs. The band’s versatility is propelled to the forefront so that is sits side by side with the music itself. Other highlights include the old school 1980’s hardcore inspired Doomed and My Story, the thrashy guitar riff and angsty sneering lyrics (“You’re not the one, you’re done") of Female and the swaying indie rock singalong of the title track Artificial Suns. The band shows yet another side of themselves with finale Bladerunner, a proto punk instrumental that ends the LP with a futuristic blast.

This is either a CD designed to announce the comeback of one of Sydney’s premier hardcore bands after a long hiatus or a memento compilation of tracks that act as a full stop and a gift for the loyal fans. Whichever road the band decides to go down they have produced a commendable and vastly diverse album well worth a spin.

Brendan Fletcher


released January 1, 2011

Composed & performed by N-Police.



all rights reserved


N-Police Sydney, Australia

N-POLICE, formerly N*ntendo Police, is an old school hardcore punk band from Sydney. Members of N-POLICE also played in Royal Headache, Zond, Worse Off and Headless Horsemen.

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Track Name: Reset!
Memory flash! System crash!
Your cartridge is always loaded
Runnin around with your circuits hangin out
Everyone knows you've exploded
The tape is worn and old, what's more
Your reel is getting loose
You cannot read or be read
All signals are obtuse


When buttons pressed on your chest
Put you in a rage
The flashing light upon your head
Says "Warning: Disengage!"
When your springs and wheels have sprung
And it's hard to get about
When your monitor has jammed
And smoke is blowin out
Track Name: Doomed
Announcement on the speaker
A list of names
And then my own
"I summon thee"
I've waited in this room
Too many times
I gotta take this one
In the head

Alone in a room
I'm doomed

Then you hit me
I'm on my knees
Tears stinging my eyes
Telephone my mother
"Your son is dead"
Then it's over
I'm alone...

The principal and a man I don't know
Exactly what are you trying to say?
No, not this, not now
This can't be real

Subtracted and empty
Never touch or see
Just undo me
I'm not real
I'm the nightmare
Yeah you know me
I'm an old man
Stacking videos
Track Name: Female
Femininity is not the enemy
It's a means to an end
Her nature is of the rose and the thorn
She keeps you by a thread

You're not the one
You're done

A man's desire thwarts his reason
A woman's thwarts a man
Without you we wouldn't be here
I wish we never had

When she walks into the room
Brief goddess in your kingdom of gloom
Makes you wanna tell the world goodnight
Well she sent you up to the stars
And she chased you down to the bars
But did she ever make you feel alright?
Track Name: Hell's Gates
Walk through fire
Sleep in rain
Of endless grain
Cage of freedom
Nodding knave
Day by day
Grey on grey

Hell's gates can't wait

A complex sign
A simple sum
You know by now
It equals one
Life is master
Sprawling slave
You're nought but image
And your name

When you've got no brakes you get higher
You have found the keys to the air
With a vertical solution
A radical revolution
No attitude required
You can leave your chains at the door
Touch what makes you feel inspired
To take the highest score
Track Name: No Retreat No Surrender
Useless kids can fuck themselves
Shoot yourselves for show and tell
We're so fast you can't control
N-youth play mad mode

No retreat! No surrender!

You've got a problem with me
Stare me out but you don't see
Back to back we know we're right
On this street in this fight
Track Name: Artificial Suns
We are the artificial suns
Comin back like junkies and like grunge
We're not happy, we're not proud
N-Police is still around

And your mum don't know
And your daddy don't know
And you're glad they don't know you quit
And you're glad they don't know you're shit

So your girlfriend was never your girl
I'm sorry that drugs won't change the world
And it hardly prevents the awful sound
When you slam each door on nothing found

So can you call it home
when you're waitin on your own
For death to take you away?
Cos you've tried and tried
to open up your eyes
Please let me live one day
Track Name: My Story
One moment when you see the truth
A time when Hell defeats your youth
Under this sun you walk this Earth
A demon no longer of this world

You've been like this for years
and it's always hurt
Now there's nothing new
Your problem turns into you
Memories of things that never happened
There's something wrong
Do you remember your name?

And in time I think I'll find my story is long
An immortal lives on
Track Name: In My Room
I close the door and I see nothin more
It's all messed up just like I left it before
I shut the blind for to turn on the gloom
Days turn to hours as the dynasties fall
in my room

Maybe this place needs a woman's touch
It smells like my socks and stinks of my crotch
Out in the hall where female faces loom
I close my eyes and I jerk my cock
in my room

Somebody spoke to me
Must be a joke in my mind
Strange as it seems
I had to live my own dreams in my mind
in my room
Track Name: Fierce
Do you feel something outstanding,
precious and rare?
Something to upset
This will frustrate
But will turn heads nonetheless

We're fierce!

You, you were so safe
Now you are forced to reassess
And as the rainbow follows the rain
A plaintive appeal to be our new friend